For 50 years, the Lequertier Group has specialised in the trading and processing of seafood products.

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Located in Mondeville in Normandy, the Lequertier Group is specialised in the trading and processing of seafood products.

Created in 1968 by Marcel LEQUERTIER, the company has been reinventing itself for decades and has become a major player in the seafood industry in France and internationally. It adjusts itself to new consumption patterns.

From procurement to shipping, the Group processes and distributes its products regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Our Brands

La Maison Lequertier marque qui distribue restaurateurs, poissonniers et collectivités locales

La Maison Lequertier

The finest in seafood products!

“La Maison Lequertier” is a brand that is becoming increasingly popular in the region for restaurant professionals, fishmongers and local authorities. The company’s key word is quality. With a very high quality level of fish, shellfish and crustaceans, it offers its customers a very wide range and tailor-made services. The know-how of the teams (custom work) makes the difference with fish prepared like small masterpieces.

Lequertier Marée, marque qui distribue le national - Grande distribution alimentaire Frame 1348 (1)

Lequertier Marée & Lequertier Seafood

“Lequertier Marée” and “Lequertier Seafood” are two brands that are asserting themselves in France and internationally. “Lequertier Marée” works with a wide range of fresh products (fresh packed, packaging tailored to the demand) and “Lequertier Seafood” for frozen products.

Our customers are major players in the food distribution industry.

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« Enthusiasm is the wind that blows the company’s sails »

Erick Lequertier

Our Careers

The Lequertier Group is a family story! A family that has been working for more than 50 years at the forefront of the Normandy fishing industry. We are the primary marketer of seafood products.

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