Sites de productions en France

French products distributed in France and abroad

For almost 50 years, the Lequertier family has been buying direct from boats and at auctions along the coast of the English Channel and North Atlantic in order to offer its clients a wide range of seafood in Fresh, Live and Frozen form.

Currently the group carries out production on 3 sites:

  • - Caen - Normandy: processing and packing of seafood
  • - Port en Bessin - Normandy: manual shelling of shellfish
  • - Cancale - Brittany: automated shelling of shellfish

''Passion is the wind that
fills the sails of business...''

E. Lequertier

An illustration of the expertise of our teams that evolves with the demands of the market.

Our employees work daily to fully meet our clients' expectations.

A range of value-added products with specific characteristics, such as: fillets, steaks, portions, processed and packaged products

Today, our company offers a wide range of products:

  • - Untreated product
  • - Processed fish
  • - Shelled shellfish
  • - Packaged fresh products
  • - Products in Skinpacks

The acquisition of Cancale Production site

The release of our new product: The Scallop Cocktail


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