The Lequertier group currently offers a wide range of fresh (packed fresh and bulk packaged), frozen and live products distributed in France and abroad :

Whole fish: bass, sole, monkfish, turbot, brill, mackerel, sardines, scad, anchovies, red gurnard, skate, red mullet, haddock, plaice, whiting, cod, pout, pollack, black bream, salmon...

Processed fish: fillets, portions, skinless, gutted, headless, boned...

Crustaceans: seawater crayfish, lobster, crab, spider crab

Shellfish / Molluscs: scallops, queen scallops, dog cockle, clams, abalone, whelks (whole or flesh), oysters, slipper limpet flesh

Cephalopods: cuttlefish, squid, octopus

Our customers: wholesalers, supermarkets, retailers, processors, wholesale markets in France and abroad...

Supply :

  • Partnership with a fleet of 50 boats
  • Purchase from 11 auctions each day between Le Guilvinec and Zeebrugge over approximately 1,000 km of coastline
  • Import of products from various European ports as well as products from fish farms (salmon...)

Packaging :

  • Polystyrene boxes
  • Shellfish baskets
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Bags
  • Nets
  • Modified atmosphere trays
  • SkinPacks

Logistics :

  • Road transport
  • Maritime transport
  • Air transport

50 years of experience

  • Direct sourcing from 50 boats
  • IQF nitrogen freezing tool
  • Manual filleting line
  • Diversity of the offering: from a 3kg pack to a 40' Reefer container


With its 50 years of experience in the trading and processing of seafood products, the Lequertier family has now become a major player in the sector. Our company was founded in 1968 by Marcel Lequertier who started his business in the Caen market halls. Taken over by his sons Erick and Didier in 2001, it has evolved and adapted to the demands of its clients. Key dates:

  • 1968 :Company founded by Marcel Lequertier for the local market
  • 1985: Opening of the Import-Export markets in Europe
  • 1990: Establishment of auction buying all along the coast of the Channel and Brittany
  • 1996: Opening of the Mondeville site: plant and administrative and commercial offices
  • 2005: Creation of EDL group
  • 2010: Creation of the shelling plant in Port en Bessin
  • 2015: Creation of the export hub


The Lequertier group quality system is carefully designed to meet the expectations of its clients in terms of the demand for quality, traceability and freshness of its products. The company is now involved in several areas, such as sustainable fishing, environmental approach, resource management, respect for quotas and marketable sizes... To ensure that consumer requirements are always met.

With the support of the Normandy region